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Seema Rohidas Dhas
28 yrs, 4ft 11in, # HINDU,
HR/ Admin/ PM/ IR,
from Navi Mumbai, India
My name is Seema Rohidas Dhas. I'm confident about myself, I have traditional valued family. I change my lifestyle with changing atmosphere. Currently...
Mobile No Available
25 yrs, 5ft 3in , # HINDU,
from Maharashtra - Wardha, India
Phone No Available Mobile No Available
Kirti Lakhorkar
26 yrs, 5ft 1in , # HINDU,
Looking for a job,
from Maharashtra - Nagpur, India
I am simple and nice girl.I believe in making dreams true n enjoy every season of life.I am down to earth.I believe that family is the main foundation...
Mobile No Available
25 yrs, 5ft 6in , Muslim,
from Alpine, USA
i am a good nice looking girl who wants to friend and to be in friendship with a good nice honest looking man that will be there for me...
Mobile Verified By Admin Mobile No Available
Manisha Maruti Mastud
24 yrs, 5ft 3in , # HINDU,
from Maharashtra - Solapur, India
I am simple living & hard working girl, want caring partner....
Mobile Verified By Admin Mobile No Available
minakshi tukaram dhulgunde
25 yrs, 5ft 3in , # HINDU,
from Maharashtra - Solapur, India
i am hard working girl.i like to prepare food. i like travelling....
Phone No Available Mobile No Available
Rakesh Kumar Agarwal
27 yrs, 5ft 10in, # HINDU,
from Jharkhand - Jamshedpur, India
I m simple person. I love everyone of heart. I like listening music.......
Phone No Available Mobile No Available
santoshi bhuyan
26 yrs, 5ft 3in , # HINDU,
from Orissa - Kendrapara, India
Searching partner- down 2 earth,respect views of elders,understand me,compatible,jolly,cultured,adjustable in every circumstances!...
Phone No Available Mobile No Available
Dipali Gopichand Baviskar
23 yrs, 5ft 8in , # HINDU,
from Maharashtra - Jalgaon, India
Phone No Available Mobile No Available
23 yrs, 5ft 2in , # HINDU,
from # PUNE, India
I have completed the GD Art (Commercial Diploma) form the Abhinave Kala Mahavidyalaya Pune. I am working as Teacher in school at Pune....
User Found 1 to 10 of 200
1 2 3 4 5 6-10 Next
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